Thursday, May 31, 2012

Best Windows 8 Skin Pack for Windows 7

Do you want to feel the Windows 8 with Windows 7 operating system on your computer or laptop. What do you know about the windows 8 of the course to a feature that will bring will be better than windows 7 now, but if you want to make changes or windows 7 nuance you with windows 8 you can use Windows 8 skins pack which you can download from the link below computer tutorials tips.

All you have to do is download and install Windows 8 skins pack program is only 6.84 Mb file size after installed you will be required to reboot or restart your Windows. Automatically from the display windows 7 you will nuances such as Windows 8 as in the picture below.

Support :
* Windows 7 SP1
* X86 (32Bit) and X64 (64Bit)
* Best Work in X86 (32Bit)
* All Language Versions

You can Download Windows 8 Skin Pack for Windows 7 on the link below:

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