Thursday, May 10, 2012

Disable Windows 7 and Vista UAC Permanently

The function of the UAC is a technique of implementation on Windows Operating System updates for protection of computer users. It is mainly aimed at securing the system from damage caused by accidental user. But sometimes it can interfere with the installation of a simple program or some other simple tasks. For example when you install certain software control UAC will always appear this for many computer users feel annoyed for that you can do so in a way to Disable UAC in Windows 7 and Vista OS Permanently.

Go to regedit system type regedit in the Start menu search box and press Enter Next find the following address on the regedit window.


Then on the right window looking EnableLUA, if not find the file EnableLUA because here I explain how to permanently disables UAC in Windows 7 and Vista, so each registry between Windows 7 and Vista probably differs so why DWORD with the same name do I right click on the window of New> DWORD Value.Double-click on the file and change value EnableLUA to "0" click Ok and please close the registry and restart the computer.

Jim Gordon
Lecturer in Computer Networking
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