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Create a Bootable Windows UBCD4Win CD

One of the bootable CD is very useful is the UBCD4Win (UBCD / Ultimate Boot CD for Windows), because by this we use a bootable CD to fix various problems with the computer, ranging from data recovery, the operating system to eradicate the virus. But perhaps some still struggling how to create a bootable CD.

UBCD4Win does not provide download an ISO file that can direct burning to CD, but its just the installer and make our own. That's because the ISO file contains the system files of Windows XP, and it will be deemed to violate Microsoft's copyright. Therefore, to make it to be done by the owner of the Windows XP CD itself. Here are the steps to create a Bootable CD:

Previously, download the latest installer to make a bootable CD from the UBCD4Win site. Size is quite large (about 245 MB), so be sure to download with download manager. When finished downloading, then run the file. Here I use the UBCD4Win version 3:20 (UBCD4WinV320.exe). Next follow the steps below UBCD4Win Installation:

  • Run (install) file UBCD4WinV320.exe/li>
  • Verification window will appear the file hash (MD5). If your computer is connected to the Internet, can be selected Yes, otherwise click No.
  • Furthermore, if successful verification, the installation process will take place, wait until the completion.
  • Once completed, will perform "Integrity Check for UBCD4Win" click OK.
  • Click Next in the window "Information", then will check if there is a patch file (fixes in this version), if you want (Have internet connection) just click Yes. Or it could be ignored by clicking No.
UBCD4Win then the installation process will be completed, it can be directly executed UBCD4WinBuilder, which would then be used to create ISO image file. Creating an ISO Image file
  • ISO file is a file that can later be directly on burning to CD, and produce a bootable CD. After UBCD4WinBuilder run then follow these steps
  • When first run License window will appear. Just click "I Agree"
  • The next window will show "Search for Windows Installation files". Just click No.
  • In Window UBCD4Win PE builder, browse or search for a path CD / DVD-ROM that contains the Windows XP CD.
  • Then click or select menu Builder Build> Build (F7), wait for the installation process (retrieve system files from the Windows XP CD to complete).
  • When finished, select the menu Builder> Build ISO/CD (F5), wait until the completion.
  • UBCD4WinBuilder.iso file will be generated, which can then be burning to CD
May be shown some error, when previously I create an ISO file with UBCD4Win version 3:13 3 errors appear, but after burning my results, it could walk. in this version appears 2 errors, which displays a message that 2 files windows does not exist. Maybe something like this because of differences in versions of Windows. Ignore it if an error occurs, provided that the ISO file is successfully created, then the next be tested on a CD. How to Burning an ISO file To her burning ISO files, then Burn Image facility can be used (if using an application such as Nero) or to more easily use one of the software is small, portable and free the following: Active @ ISO Burner (644 KB) download ZIP or EXE BurnCDCC ™ (69 KB) download zip When burning an ISO file, it is better to use the lowest speed, such as 1X or 2X to better ensure the success of making a bootable CD.

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