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Ways to Connect Computer to the Internet Via LAN

Windows XP provides a setting that is very easy to do this. In just a few minutes you can use a modem that is plugged into a PC to be used by another computer or laptop to connect to the internet via LAN cable (UTP).

Ways to Connect Computer to the Internet Via LAN

Internet Connection Sharing
Perform the following steps on the computer that is the modem:
1. Start> Control Panel> Network and Internet Connections> Network Connections
2. Select the modem connection to be shared, and then click the right mouse
3. Select Properties
4. Select the Advanced tab
5. Internet Connection Sharing option, check the Allow other network users to connect trough this computers Internet connection
6. Select option Establish a dial-up connection Whenever a computer on my computer on my network Attempts to access the Internet only if you allow the computer to automatically perform a dial up.
7. Click OK, will appear warning that the IP address of the LAN card you will be set to to remember is that the other computer must have an IP address in the range to (to be included in the same segment).

Ways to Connect Computer to the Internet Via LAN

LAN Settings
Setting up a connection to another computer parameters:
1. Start> Control Panel> Network Connections
2. Select the Local Area Connections, right click the mouse and choose Properties
3. Select the General tab, click Internet Protocol (TCP / IP) click properties
4. You may choose the option Obtain an IP address automatically, but it is safer if you give the IP address in the range to then type in the gateway (modem IP address to be shared)
5. Click OK, finished.

Last Step:
1 Start> Control Panel> Internet Options
2 Select the Connections tab, click the setup button
3 New Connection Wizard will appear, click next
4 Select Connect to the Internet, click next
5 Select Set up my connection manually, click next
6 Select Connect using a broadband connection that is always on. Click next
7 Click Finish.

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The first part shows the protocol used to access the desired document. This protocol serves to regulate the communication between the client computer to the server computer.
In this example use HTTP (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol).
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The second section shows the location of the machine that will be accessible and that provide the necessary documents.
The third part is /2012/06/setting-computers-to-connect-to.html
This section shows the logical pathname in the document layout is located.

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